About in English

'The fashion loves you.'

TFLY is a luxury fashion brand from Germany that sells only limited clothing. 

Created by two young men in the south of Germany who started designing t-shirts with pen and paper while at school 5 years ago. Some classmates thought of studying, others dreamed about naked women, but all we could think about was living life as a designer.
Year by year and month by month we came closer to our dream. 

Through hard work and with our own vision in mind have we finally come to where we always wanted to be. 

For several years, we asked ourselves: 

Why would humanity be something that it is not at all? 

No joke, because no one has given you the opportunity to express yourself through fashion. But we do it and are absolutely unique with it. Every product of our collection has not only one story but a lot more.

You will find TFLY only online on our own web shop and not in other online shops or big fashion houses. TFLY is not one of these typical online brands which sell just basic single shirts. No, with every item from our shop, you are not just someone, you are one of a small crowd around the world who shows his lifestyle with limited, luxurious and unique fashion. 

You love fashion?

So wear TFLY and the fashion loves you.